Jaguar XJR 9LM 1/43 from Heller

especially in 1/43 scale

Here are pictures of models in my collection and a small explanation of the nature of this habit and the possibilitis of it.

In this scale (1/43) you can buy thousands of cars from hundreds of makers. The manufacturer can be a small one making from 5-10 types per year or a bigger one with hundreds each year. Some make many varietis of each car, for example if we are talking about competition cars, the cars can have different number in different races, and even if they have a new hood in the middle of the race it could be your choice whether you want the car with the old or the new hood. The cars can be open, closed , convertible or with hard top etc..
The casting goes from factory to factory. Solido today can be Verem tomorrow, Solido from yesteryear can be Metosul today. Metal 43 can use Burago model to make a new casting. Even Matchbox can sell Vitesse as its own.
The cars can be 'code 1', 'code 2' or 'code 3' . Where 'code 1' are models straight from the manufacturer. 'Code 2' are models modified with a licence from the manufacturer. 'Code 3' are models modified without a licence, nobody say anything if you take a model and modify it for your own use, but a forgery of a rare model for example are against the interest of all collectors. Citroen 'braggi' 1/18 from Solido

At my opinion you can divid collector in two main groups, those who collect f.e. Hot wheel's from Mattel, Matchbox , Jhonny Lightning and Racing champion. Those cars are often not very accurate and the collector has to get all the varietis. Mattel's Hot wheel's has f.e. 'First edition' (FE), 'Limited edition' (LE) and 'Tresure hunt' (TH), several colors and series of the models, and bye changing the wheels they can make endless varietis. Take a look at the newsgroup on the internet to get a insight view of this kind of collection.
On the other hand you have those who are interested in cars. They are often oriented on a certain scale and like to have their models accurate. They study the history of the cars and have all the technical data about the cars.
There are many scale to choose from.

Citroen DS19 Cabrio 1/16 Heller
So, how do the scales compare, take for example, 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, My collection is mainly in 1/43. It is not easy to get those cars in Iceland. You can get cars from Solido, Burago, Hongwell, Heller and New ray and that's all. Others I have buyed while traveling abroad or by getting friends and family to buy for me. Sometimes I swap with other collectors and sometimes I mailorder them but that can be rather expensive when the Icelandic goverment has taken its toll. But sometimes I just have to, f.e. is my Opel Laubfrosch ordered that way. It was made by Eligor in France and and was on sale in USA. By some mistakes the packet went to Ireland, back to USA and some eight mounths later I got the packet. 40-50.000 km is not a little travel for such a small car. One car in this packet did continue its travel years later. It was a Renault Juvaquatro Berline, a collector in France did contact me, he had four Renaults fullsize and about 50 models. But he did not have this one and had not known about the existence of a red Juvaquatro taxi from Eligor. I got from him another Juvaquatro a plain one, just as I had always wanted. You can read the Juvaquatro traveling story at this webpage.
Bugatty T50 1/8 from Pocher

I have been able to keeping up with the news by reading English magazines f.e.
Model collector by Link house Magazines LTD Link House, Dingwall Avenue, Croydon CR9 2TA
and Diecast collector by Warners Group Publications PLC, The Maltings, West Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9PH,
those magazine help me to have always handy a wish list , just in case somebody is going abroad.
Swapmeating are unknown in Iceland as there are none collectors club here. I know about some who have maybe about 10-20 cars, but no they are not collecting, some cars do just appeal to some people. At last we have a diecast collector club here in Iceland . We meet twice a month in the winter time. Those who are interested to meet us can send a email to and I will reply where and when we meet.

Tekno Ford 1000 marked Rodi The most interesting for Icelandic collectors would be those cars connected to Iceland. Ford 1000, a small transporter made by Tekno in the years 1957 to 1966 marked Rodi ( a shop in Reykjavík) see picture. This car is 'code 1'. This model must be very rare as a Danish Tekno specialist I conntacted had never heard of or seen it. I have only picture to vitness about its existence, it did appear in Model collector magazine about 1985, the car was on auction in Germany, when I got the magazine the aucton was already over, so I have not been able to get this model. As the picture is in black & white there is no way to know in which color the car was, it could be either red/yellow or red/white..
Tekno Ford 1000 repro (a) red/yellow As I do not have any informations about the colors of the Tekno Ford 1000 it is tempting to think it was in the same color as Tekno Volkswagen bus Tekno issued later. I did therefore reproduce one in red/yellow.
Tekno Ford 1000 repro (b) red/white More common color combination of the Tekno ford was red/white, so I did one in those colors too.
Volkswagen van marked Rodi Volkswagen Van made by Tekno for the same shop possible at the same time. In the book Tekno Samlerkatalog printed 1997 by Samlerbörsen, there are some information about the car. The author's of this cataloga are Hans Hedegard and Dorte Johansen and they say the number is 543-43, and the Vokswagen series was made in 1959 to 1972. The Tekno Ford should then be number 546-?? and made 1957 to 1966. This model was on Ebay in mars 2005 but unfortunately it was not bought to Iceland. The picture to the left is from The Tekno catalog.
Tekno 'midle class repro Tekno This is a reproduced Tekno van. I got the car through, in rather sorry state. I got the decals from where you can get decals and spareparts for many Tekno cars.
Tekno 'for the poor', Hongwell CODE 3 Volkswagen Van made by Hongwell, painted in the same colors and with the same decals. A typical 'code 3' car. You could not mistake it for Tekno, because of all the chrome.
Lego Dodge from Reykjalundur Dodge truck made by Reykjalundur with licence from Lego around 1957-59. Maybe not the best model ever, but fun to have. The tank is a snap on so it is changeable. A flatbed version was available and a trailer too.
Lego Dodge from Reykjalundur After some email from Clarke Bakker an american Lego collector I was a lot wiser about those trucks. Here ar two flatbed trucks, from Shell and from The Icelandic petroleum company, the pictures are from but they where clearly labeled from Finland.
Ferguson T20 from Reykjalundur Reykjalundur was rather strong in the icelandic toy market in the fifties, most children had some cars, boats, dolls or bricks made by them. Here is one Ferguson TE20 with some accessories.
Renault L4 d'ISLANDE Renault L4 made by Vitesse number L141. This car was one of twenty something cars in a expedition to Iceland about 1985 and was probably only made for one year, as it probably did not sell well. It was made about 1997 or 1998 and was available at some swapmeating until 2003 but are sold out now ?
Cadillac 452 1931 Edal ehf. - Katla , an Icelandic company, who is importing all kinds of foods suppliment, did celebrate its 40th years anniversary, by giving its customers a diecast car. Cadillac made by Solido with the companys logo. This is a code 2 model with tampo printed logo. About 500 to 1000 where made.
Cadillac 452 Van I do not own the orginal model , but I got one preproduction sample.
Ford AA Frimerkjasalan Icelandic postphil has it own diecast collector series. The first car B101 was Ford AA from Lledo in 1/64 issued 2003, 2000 was made, with the car you get an Icelandic stamp with a picture of the car and a postcart also with picture of the car. The orginal car is in a museum in Skógar at the south coast of Iceland. Unfortunately it was produced with the stearing wheel on the right side although the pre production sample had it on the left side.
Ford AA The preproduction model .The windows on the preproduction model are only half shaded and the stearing wheel is on the left.
Renault Eurovan The second car B102 from Frimerkjasalan was issued 2004. This is Renault Eurovan the same as the Icelandic post office use. The model is from Lledo and is in 1/64 number made 1000. With the car you get a postcard with the picture of the orginal car.
Ford Transit Sample of car no 2 from Frimerkjasalan. This is Ford Transit but as it was not in use at the Post office, they did choose the Renault instead.
Renault Eurovan variant Later in 2005 they issued a variant of this car B102c, the difference is , on the back door there is no number "Nr 2" and instead of standard Lledo promotional box it is in yellow/red box market "Posturinn". 1500 was made there off 400 was offered to sale to collectors.
Bedford 30 CWT Box van Car no 3 from Frimerkjasalan, B103 issued 26/05 2005. It is a Bedford 30 CWT Box van 1950,it is in 1/64 as the others from Frimerkjasalan. Probably the postoffice never used a red Bedford, but the car is nice to look at. 1500 was made.
Bedford 30 CWT Box van This is a preproduction model of car no 3. The only difference is the white wheels.
Mack lorry Car no 4 from Frimekjasalan B104 issued 15/07 2006. This is a Mack lorry and it is supposed to be a typical car used by the post in the years 1920 to 1930. 1224 was made. With the car you get ağ postcard with a picture of a Chevrolet 1928.
Mack lorry This is the pre production model, the only difference is the sacs on the back of the car.
Landrover Fifth car from Frimerkjasalan B105 was issued in mai 2007. This is a Landrover and it is supposed to be a typical car used by the post in the rural areas in Iceland. 1296 was made. With the car you get a postcard with a picture of a Landrover. The scale is 1/43
Bedford bus Sixth car from Frimerkjasalan B106 was issued in mars 2008. This is a Bedford bus and it is supposed to be a typical bus used to transport people and post between Akranes and Akureyri about 1950. With the car you get postcard with similar busses used by the Post office . The scale is 1/76 and 2000 was made.
Volkswagen Van Seventh car from Frimerkjasalan DG73 was issued in november 2010. This is a Volkswagen Van and is first in a series of theme cars.This one devoted to Icelandic volcanos ( Eyjafjallajokull ) The scale is 1/64 and 1500 was made.
DAF LF Eight car from Frimerkjasalan DAF LF, was issued in mai/june 2013. This car is a typical lorry used to bring post to postoffices in Reykjavik and nearby towns. 1200 was made. The model comes with a certificate of origin and a postcard without a stamp

    A few Icelandic companis have got promotional models, here are few of them.

Volvo from Flytjandi Volvo with a trailer from Flytjandi 500 was made. This car has printed stickers and is 1/87. It was made by Adtruck. Webpage for Flytjandi is
Daf ? from Fytjandi Another car from Flytjandi, 2000 was made. Probably a Daf ? in 1/87 with "Tampo" printing. Made by Adtruck.
Mercedes benz Actros This one was only a sample and was never produced. This is Mercedes benz Actros with trailer, it has a printed sticker onits sides and in scale 1/87, made by Adtruck.
Scania from Landflutningar Scania 113M with trailer from Landfluttningar with "Tampo" printing, in 1/87, made by PP models. No information about how many was made. Webside for Landflutiongar Samskip is
Mercedes Benz from Jonar Transport Jonar Transport have Mercedes benz Actros with trailer. It has a printed sticker on its sides and the scale is 1/87. It is made by Elawo models. Wivapromotion B.V. did handle the layout of the model. In total 500 were made, 350 were distribute in Iceland and the rest, 150 abroad. Webside for Jonar Transport is
Man TG from Samskip Samskip truck and container, 1/160 made of plastic by Herpa
Mercedes Benz from Samskip Samskip truck and container, 1/87 made of plastic by Herpa
Mercedes benz from Vorubill. Mercedes Bens sprinter from Vorubill, "Tampo" printing 1000 pieces, in 1/87 or a litle bit smaller scale. . Made by Adtruck.
SVR Hydrogen bus from Reykjavik. The only one in my collection made of paper. Scale about 1/64 SVR Straeto bs has been using hydrogen busses for a few years.

a few car connected to Iceland ghas been on Ebay, they are code 1,code 2 and code 3. I have got few of them.

Iceland seafood Iceland seafoodbackdoor International truck with trailer from Winross, marked Iceland seafood, rather crude model.

Jaguar Jaguar XKR in 1/43 used in the Bond film Die another day , part of that film was filmed in Iceland 2002. The car is on Icelandic registration plates. Model made by Minichamps. Also availible in 1/18 from ERTL.

Jaguar model rear end Jaguar fullsize rear end The Icelandic registration plate. In the middle there should be "05" instead of "02" as the sticker tells when to bring the car to inspection

Iceland shops Ford Transit from Lledo, marked Iceland food shops, partly own by Baugur from Iceland.

Last but not least is Volvo S60 made by Hongwell, marked Icelandic police. This car is code 1. Made by Hongwell for Italian publisher Fabbri , who are selling many types of collectors series. For example, police car of the world. The car from Fabbri do not come in standard Hongwell box, instead it is in a bublepack a has with it a small magazine in A4, with article about the Icelandic police and the cars who has been used by it. 700 ? pieces was made. Later on Hongwell did issue the car in Hongwell boxes. Following are the picture of the car and the magazine.

Side Front Back
page01.jpg (119KB) page02.jpg (154KB) page03.jpg (149KB)
page04.jpg (115KB) page05.jpg (97KB) page06.jpg (153KB)
page07.jpg (147KB) page08.jpg (127KB) page09.jpg (137KB)
page10.jpg (147KB)

One Subaru with Icelandic police marking was on Ebay it was code 3 one of two made. It was bought by an Icelander, I will probably get a picture of it later.
For those who are badly taken by this mania, there is not much to do about it in Iceland, but in England f.e. there are big swapmeatings. Here is webside for one of the biggest
I have been able to go to the Sandown swapmeating several times . Sandown is in Esher about twenty minutes by train from Waterloo station. From Esher train station it is about 15 minutes walk to the meating place. It's in a big sport palace or a racing course. The meating starts at 10:00. Inside there are 500 stalls full of old and new stuff. Trains, dolls, Star wars figures, teddy bears, but mainly full of cars. There you can find the representative of the collectors magazines and some of the shops who advertise in them. Vectis is there, their webpage is .
And you can make a good deal there. VW combi marked Beringe Monroe whom had been on my wish list for years, I got it for £7, some weeks ago I had seen it advertised on the internet for £35. You can get new car some who are not yet in shops, you can get houses, people and petrol pumps to make a lively diorama. There are people selling and/or swapping cars, some cars are up to 50 years old, some like new out of the box some a litle dented or chiped, the price can vary from few pound to a price an ordinary collector would not be willing to pay. Later in the day many are walking about with plastic bags marked Sandown swapmeating, half full or full of merchandise, but at my experience it is good to have a rucksack so one can use both hands to examine the cars. To go to a swapmeating is a must, to meet the other collectors and to see that you are not the only "weirdo" in the world still playing with cars at this age.
If you can not find a swapmeating or even a decent modelshops while traveling you can still relax. At home you have always Ebay or you can try some special auction webside for collectors like .

Here is my collection and makers of models (not yet in English)